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How does internet come into house?
Frank Gayheart
Have been very happy with service. No cable available at my location. Poor DSL at best. Great service!
Patriot Etching LLC
Ok guys so I've been with them 2 weeks now... I ahve used up 149gb so far with no slowing down. I did notice it has a sleep mode on there for wifi so it wouldn't load it if I was off for a few hrs... but once I changed the setting it's always ready to surf the web.... this device with them has saved me so much on overages my last month's bill for Verizon was $180 on overages... only reason it wasn't more was because I got this Hotspot. Even my cable internet that I pay $125 doesn't always work. But with this Hotspot I can do my work and the kids play online and stream movies while I work at the same time... with 1 bar I have a great connection... and even put it to the test taking the kids Pokémon hunting yes we used this Hotspot all over and worked great... and for the price I don't think anyone can beat it... so thank you guys and thank you for letting me get it within the next day.
Justin Dummer
I'm very impressed with the speed and that you get unlimited data. You will not find a better deal .
Stephanie Guttum
Renee was awesome to work with, very friendly and knowledgeable. I tested mine at home with 2 smart tvs, a laptop, and our 3 phones. Worked great! Used 30+ gig in one day. Also tried it at our lake resort where there's no internet available and works excellent there, too. Very happy with it.
Andrew Lee
This service is awesome, I only wish I had seen them sooner and signed up earlier. I live in an area that is under served by the typical internet providers. Besides dial up, our options have all been explored and crossed off the list. Living out in the country is great, but when it comes to internet service providers, we have been stuck with satellite based service these last seven years. We get stuck with 10 lousy gigs of bandwidth per month and the cost is nearly three times as much. When I came across winfinderplanet on facebook, I was skeptical. It just sounded too good to be true. I waited a few days and applied for the service. I was so anxious, I called them right after I received an email from them regarding the influx of applications which suggested I call instead to expedite the service. Their representative, Pete, was extremely helpful and shipped out their pocket wifi unit right away. Let me tell you, its been great. We have had the service now for about two weeks and we have already used up about 100 gigs of service. In the past, I wouldn't dare watch any videos on YouTube or Netflix. My daughters can now video chat with my parents on the west coast. This service has helped our family become even closer with the ability to do this alone. If you have satellite, you are missing out. Sign up today, don't wait. I wish I had found this service sooner. A side note, they are extremely busy so be patient. Any frustrations you encounter in customer care is well worth the internet service you get.
Sandra Jones
I am so excited to share my testimonial regarding wifinderplanet.com! I live in a rural, wooded area in the state of Virginia and finding high-speed internet here has been next to impossible. The big names are not available and the lesser ones were a joke for the price. Another portable service changed their terms within a week of signing up. I found wifinderplanet on my Facebook newsfeed and, of course, was skeptical at first. I messaged the page many times with lots of questions which were all promptly answered. I decided to sign up for their unlimited wifi and am so happy that I did. I spent a short amount of time on the phone to set up service and had the device within two days. My family and I have been enjoying high speed internet for the last month and couldn't be more pleased. We are a family of four very much into techie devices and have been able to all log on at the same time playing online games and streaming video on both Amazon prime and YouTube with no problem. I highly recommend wifinderplanet! You won't be disappointed.